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An exercise in iambic pentameter!

revive the women
My students have to mimic Chaucer’s rhyming couplets and iambic pentameter to create a prologue for a new character of their creation as their unit project this term. Of course, they must have a model! Thus, I composed the following:

The Minstrel's Prologue

A minstrel had they in that company

To play and help them all to make merry.

A lass she was, diminutive and fair;

She had a crown of dark brown curly hair

And on her head she wore a light green hood —

Upon her back an instrument of wood.

From Bath she came, a sailor’s daughter she,

And of her youth she spoke must humbly:

For poor they were, but music gave them life

And helped them weather all their worldly strife.

There’s some that say she’s played before the king

And others for the queen they say she’d sing.

Her dulcet tones were known both far and wide

For great her talent was; so too her stride!

A kindly wench, beloved by all she meets

And ready with a smile for all she greets.

Though low her birth, not one was she to grieve:

They say her name was lovely Genevieve.

Feedback, comments, encouragement needed!

revive the women
I'm delivering a workshop for my coworkers on how to be better advocates for our LGBTQIA students on campus this Tuesday. Does anyone have advice for us teachers or, perhaps, something you wish your teachers had done while you were at school to make you feel more comfortable/accepted?

Also, thoughts and prayers would be hugely appreciated. I'm already nervous, and it's only Sunday!



I meant to post this days ago, but I've been bogged down with grading. Yeeeesh!

I went to the mailbox earlier in the week and found to my great surprise and delight that I had received a letter from none other than aalia7! If you've never gotten one, you're truly missing out, for it is a treat on any occasion and in particular when it is unexpected. When I opened the envelope, however, I was confused: I found a beautifully calligraphied card, but the message on the front was perplexing.


Sympathy? Who had I lost? My gran passed away months ago! When I opened the card, however, all was made clear:


YOU GUYS I LOVE MY FRIENDS. This may be the best card I've ever received. Thank you, Aalia!!!

No but really I am devastated I thought our love was forever ;_;

Guys, I did a thing

I posted my last vocab quiz on Tumblr last week and told anyone who answered correctly that they would get a drabble with the characters/pairing of their choice. I only had one taker, and she did well (she mixed up two of the words, but still). She requested a Johnlock drabble where John chooses not to have sex out of respect for his asexual boyfriend, and... well, this happened.

Please send me reading recs!

jane reading
I'm stopping by the library after work to drop a few books off, and I would love some recommendations from you lot as to what I ought to read next! I really want something I can lose myself in, that'll keep my attention and make em squeal with giddiness. Or something scary! Or... anything, really.



Nerdy teacher is late!

revive the women
We've had two vocab quizzes since I posted the last set of words and sentences. Since some of you enjoy reading these (bless you), I'm including both of them here. Good luck - and may the odds be EVER in your favor ;)

Vocab Quiz 2Collapse )

Vocab Quiz 3Collapse )
nine and rose
A preacher came onto a university campus and started preaching against homosexuality. These students' reaction... well, it's pretty amazing.

Join me in the mead hall!

revive the women
We're studying the heroic, formal boast next week in connection to our reading of "Beowulf," and I'll be having my seniors write their own boasts. To make sure they know what I'm looking for, I wrote a sample about myself. Behold!

When I was young, I went winningly through my university courses.
Succeeding in that brain-trial, mastering the arts of the English language,
I graduated with honors from that hall of learning, Elon University.
Into the Delta I ventured, heat-sick and set upon by mosquitos
but not once did I falter; I completed my student teaching
and taught the teeming masses to treat English with respect.
Returning to Charlotte, I revealed my resume
Routed the other applicants and took up my new job.
Many were the hall-brawls that I harrowed me,
But I set myself to the task and weathered it well.

The guidelines were that it must be at least 10 lines of verse, contain 2 kennings, and have 3 examples of alliteration.

I challenge all of you fine warriors to make your own boasts!! Post them in the comments and make my day :D


OMG!John Snow
Guess who’s getting tickets to see Cat Stevens in December?? THIS PSYCHO!!!


Oh my goodness, please send me all of your good vibes that my ticket queueing may be as successful as my queueing for “Hamlet” (or better, really)! My mom and I are going to try our darndest to get tickets for the three of us during the New York run to surprise my dad for their 29th wedding anniversary. Eeeeeeeeee!!!

Halloween, here I come!

OMG!John Snow
All right, guys. I think that wildcard_47 has decided my Halloween costume for me: a genderbent Jon Snow! Thoughts??

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